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College Mondays are Back!

College Mondays return with four new online sessions designed to connect learners and parents directly with representatives from each college. Register for the February sessions now!

Check Out our new FindYourTrade site to learn more about skilled trades and technology

FindYourTrade shines a light on how you can start a career in the skilled trades through an Ontario college program. With employers actively seeking new tradespeople right now, it’s a great time to search our catalog of diverse college programs and learn about rewarding careers in areas like construction, motive power, technology, and more. Read more.

Ontario's colleges are at the forefront of technology, innovation and workforce development, preparing students for success in the
cutting-edge careers of tomorrow.

Why College?

Top 10 reasons to choose Ontario's colleges.

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College is...



Ontario college program and delivery options let you choose how you want to learn. From prep and bridging courses to university transfer agreements, employee partnerships, hands-on work experience and more, there are more options than ever for finding your fit.



Higher education pays off. For every $1 invested in an Ontario college education, graduates receive a cumulative $3.20 more in their future wages. For number crunchers, that's an unprecedented 14.3 percent rate of return.



Ontario's colleges and 750 industry partners are innovating together. To date, more than 10,000 students are involved in groundbreaking research and innovation projects, with an additional 1,000 students receiving support to pursue entrepreneurial ideas.



Ontario's colleges work with you to succeed. With financial assistance options, disability services, tutoring programs, onsite counselling and so much more, you'll have the support you need at every step as you work toward the future you've always wanted.

News & Events

Considering College?

Need more information about colleges and college programs in Ontario? Come this fall to a CIP event in your area to meet with college representatives who can answer your questions about program offerings, admissions requirements and campus life.

Learn more about CIP.

College Mondays

Ontario's colleges are hosting virtual information sessions every Monday in  November. If you're considering college, this is your chance to gather information about the colleges and programs you are interested in.

Learn more about College Mondays.
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